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Bunker Hill High School-Musselman High School Alumni Association: P.O. Box 154, Inwood, WV 25428

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The alumni of Musselman High School are committed to making this organization the very best it can be. Please take a moment to view our Constitution and By Laws.

Please note that the following alumni along with many others, have taken great pride in making sure that the traditions of the Bunker Hill High School-Musselman High School Alumni Association continue to thrive into the future!

  • President- Kathy Hutzler Bennett ('69)

  • First Vice President- Adrian Elliott ('05)

  • Second Vice President- Matt Wink ('93)

  • Secretary- Betty Hutsler ('65)

  • Treasurer- Brad Wright ('01)

  • Historian- Barby Frankenberry ('67)

  • Public Relations- Terri Reed ('86)

Members at Large- Ron Bennett (’69); Sadie Blanchfield (’61); Cheryl Chapman (’77); Michelle “Mickey Joe” Elliott (’75); Kenny Feagans (’64); Joyce Kees (’84); Mary Marshall (’70); Betty Ann Miller (’61); DiAnn Miller (’91); Megan E. Schaffer (’07); Karen Sherman (’85); and Morgan Wright (’84).